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Levenhuk A10 Smartphone Adapter

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Levenhuk A10 Smartphone-Adapter

Mount your smartphone on a telescope, microscope, binoculars or other optical instrument to take pictures.

The Levenhuk A10 smartphone adapter is a very useful accessory for anyone interested in astrophotography, wildlife photography or images from the microcosm. With the adapter you can install just about any smartphone model on your microscope, binoculars or spotting scope. Now you can take pictures of Saturn's rings, record high-quality videos of galloping wild boars, film ciliated cells under the microscope, and much more, and instantly email them to your friends or post them on Instagram.

Mounting is simple - install the adapter on the eyepiece of your optical instrument and then attach your smartphone to the adapter. Now simply launch the camera app on your smartphone, center the image and adjust the focus of your optical instrument to get clear and sharp views of the observed objects.

The Levenhuk A10 smartphone adapter is truly universal. It can be used with any smartphone from 53 to 102 mm wide. There are no restrictions for the height of the smartphone.

Information to the picture: Delivery without Smartphone/Tablet PC


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